Be not a Writer, But a Storyweaver

This is more an introduction post of what my blog is hoping to achieve than an actual lesson, but we’ll see if I can get it right without sounding like the newbie I am.

To blogging. Blogging, not writing. Don’t worry.

Newbies and professionals alike, hopefully I can share at least something with each person that comes here, and I’m looking forward to being able to from you as well. So, shall we begin?



I’m of the firm belief that humans beings, as a whole, are natural storytellers.  From we were children trying to deny sneaking a cookie to somewhere far before our time, when our ancestors gathered around a campfire and told each other tales about the gods, seeking to explain and understand the world that breathed around them. Today, right  now, we’re not too different. We here write instead of tell orally, but the goals are very much matching. To explore and learn and understand. To create and convince and weave a tale that convince those who are exposed to it.

So, what’s the difference between a simple writer and a storyweaver?

Much. Despite popular belief, anyone can be a writer, so long as they write. A storyweaver, however, is a different breed altogether. Imagine a tapestry, with a variety of colors, wound tightly together in a beautiful display. A Storyweaver creates something of this sort, except they use words instead of yarn. Like the tapestry, what they create comes in all manners of textiles and patterns, hues and textures unique to the finished product, even if based on something already existing.

All Storyweavers are Writers, but not all Writers are Storyweavers…however, they can become one, if they invest themselves.

How? How does one become this thing that is called a Storyweaver? Where do we find the skills to reach this goal? Gather around the campfire, my friends, and together we’ll learn how to weave a story.